WW2/40s related TV series

List compiled from members of 1940s Events and Social Space Facebook page

Foyles War,

Bomb Girls,

Land Girls,

Home Fires,

Dad's Army,

Goodnight Sweetheart,

The Diary of Anne Frank,

Band of Brothers,

Island at War,

Mosignor Renard, 

Hogans Heroes,

Winds of War,

War and Remembrance, 


Secret Army,

Allo Allo, 

Home Fires, 


Family at War,


Wish Me Luck, 

The Pathfinders, 


Private Schultz,

Enemy at the Door,

It Ain't Half Hot Mum,

Housewife 49,

We'll Meet Again,

WW2/40s Related Films

List compiled from members of 1940s Events and Social Space Facebook page

The Imitation Game, 

Went the Day Well,

Hope and Glory,  

The Desert Rats,

Reach for the Sky, 

The One That Got Away, 

Sea of Sand,

Saving Private Ryan,

Schindlers List,

Angels One Five,

The Notebook,

Mrs Miniver,

The Bells Go Down,

A Matter of Life and Death, 

The Way Ahead, 

Green For Danger, 

In Which we Serve, 

Cottage to Let, 


We Dive at Dawn,  

The Way to The Stars, 

The Foreman Went To France, 

Try the Blockhouse,

Waterloo Road, 

Commandos Strike At Dawn,

Pimpernel Smith, 

The Colditz Story, 

Ice Cold In Alex, 

The Dambusters, 

The Man Who Never Was, 

I Was Montys Double, 

Danger Within, 

The Wooden Horse,

Above Us The Waves, 

The Red Beret, 

The Cockleshell Heroes, 


The Cruel Sea, 

Bridge on the River Kwai,

The Longest Day,

633 Squadron, 

Twelve O'clock High,

Das Boot, 

D-Day 6th of June,

Memphis Belle, 

The Purple Heart, 

The Purple Plain, 

A Town Like Alice, 

Carve Her Name with Pride, 


Battle of Britain,

Crash Dive, 

The Great Escape, 

The Password Is Courage,

The Best Years of Our Lives,

A Bridge Too Far, 

Sink The Bismark, 

Battle of The River Plate, 

Hanover Street, 

The Sea Wolves, 

The Gentle Sex,

The Silent Enemy, 

Malta Story.