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Household Hints

Knitting & Crochet

Household Hints

Repurposing and Renovating

Unpicking & Washing

Unpick the old garment and wind around a book or cardboard to keep from tangling. Once it's all unpicked, wind into skeins and tie tightly in several places. Squeeze gently in lukewarm suds, made from a good soap, until the wool is clean. Rinse twice in lukewarm water. Lay on a towel, roll and press gently. Shake and hang the skeins to dry, do not have them too close to an open fire or on a radiator, shake gently occasionally.

Notes on reclaimed wool

The wool you've just reclaimed is not likely to knit the same size garment or be near the same ply of wool. It may be thinner; 4-ply may become 3-ply and 3-ply more like 2-ply.

Mrs B's on Facebook

Mrs B's has a Facebook page dedicated to buying and selling knitting patterns, anything pre '72.

Caring for Fur

Before storing your fur, shake well and smooth the fur with your hand. On a nice day you can hang the fur on the washing line to help blow away dust from within the fur. It will also help to keep thickness and glossy appearance.

If your fur gets wet, hang it in a warm atmosphere but not too close to the heat or over a fire as this can harden the skin and this will cause shrinkage.

Repurposing and Renovating

Clothing Rations are hitting the ladies wardrobe hard. Always trying to look your best can take it's toll. Here's some ideas to get the most out of what you have.

Signs of wear

If your garment is showing signs of wear you can always add a contrasting piece of fabric or fabric from another old garment. Adding pockets or a collar in the same fabric helps to bring the new fabric into that old garment.

If the elbows on your blouse or dress are looking tired you can convert it from a long sleeve to a short sleeve garment.

Garments too short

If your blouse doesn't seem to stay tucked in anymore, why not add a peplum to the bottom. This way you could wear it tucked in or over the top for a different look.


If things seem to be getting a little snug, why not re-cut the front to add a decorative panel.

Mrs B's on Facebook

Mrs B's has a Facebook page dedicated to buying and selling sewing patterns, anything pre 80's.

Recipes for Cleaning Products

Furniture Polish

1/2pt. turpentine

1/4pt. vinegar

1/2pt. linseed oil

1/4pt. warm water

Pour all together in a bottle. Shake well before using.

Furniture Cream

1oz. beeswax

1/2oz. white wax

1/2oz. Castile soap

1/4pt. warm water

1/2pt. turpentine.

Shred the 2 waxes and put in a jar with turpentine. Shred the soap and put in another jar with the water. Stand both jars in a warm but not hot place, all night. When all are dissolved, stir the contents of one jar into the other. Store in a jar or bottle and keep covered.

Scouring Powder

1 carton `Hudson's` Soap

1lb. Pumice powder or Bathbrick

Mix the two powders together throughly. Store in a tin with a perforated lid, and use as `Vim`