Iconic Figures

Steve McTigue ~ Churchill


Steve is the most authentic Churchill ‘Living History’ actor - lookalike in the UK today.  An Actor of Film, Television, Radio as well as 1940’s Weekends across the UK.

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Stefen ~ Field Marshall Sir Alan Brooke


Stefen takes great pride as the re-enactor and impersonator of Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke. “Brookie” was Chief of the Imperial General Staff, 1941 - 1946. Professional head of the British Army and the foremost military advisor to Winston Churchill the British Prime Minister. I am available to attend WW2 and 1940s events.

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Derek Herbert ~ Winston Churchill


Derek Herbert -Winston Churchill (Wartime Prime Minister) Lookalike AND Soundalike!

Passionate about the history of WW2 and a huge admirer of Winston Churchill,Derek-a TV and Film Actor,Entertainer and Musician- is the only Winston Churchill Lookalike who accurately imitates Winston’s Churchill’s voice especially when delivering Winston Churchill’s famous stirring Wartime speeches.Derek is recognised as the best Winston Churchill Lookalike and never fails to impress, borne out by the many superb testimonials he receives for his Winston Churchill performances and the reason why so many of his bookings are from personal recommendations. He is the natural choice and will travel nationwide for any event and function!

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