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Weddings of Yesteryear


Weddings on the Ration is a large collection of wedding gowns, grooms outfits and Bridesmaids dresses. With information and other wedding related items from 1939-1952.

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Ministry of Information


Ministry of Information is a display which we take around Britain to  share knowledge of how Rationing and information was being published by the  various Ministry's during WW2. 

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Spirit of the Homefront


A living  history group that honors and depicts life on the Homefront between 1939 and 1945. Through  displays, demonstrations, and  interactive talks.

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Notts and Derby Living History Group


Representing the Regiments of the Sherwood Foresters, Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, Royal Engineers and Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Notts and Derby will also take part in multi-period displays and battle re-enactments.

Remembering the efforts of the Home Front with  displays to remember the hard work of the Women's Land Army, the Home  Guard  and other civilian workers. 

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Family at War


An interactive re-enactment group portraying the Home Front in World War Two.  Available for events, displays & talks.  

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Discover D-Day


The best way to educate people on the history of D-Day is through the portrayal of the soldiers of the time, with equipment and demonstrations by re-enactors.

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WW2 in Colour


We specialise in multiple impressions of Allied and Axis fighting units, keeping the memories alive of the brave soldiers on all sides who gave up  their lives or were left with injuries whether physical, mental or both.  We hope we honour them by keeping their sacrifice alive.

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Road to Mandalay


"Road to Mandalay" are a living history re-enactment group based in the East Midlands. We portray all elements of the British & Commonwealth 14th Army forces in Burma during WW2. 

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2nd Oxf and Bucks Airborne


 We are UK reenactment group portraying the 2nd (Airborne) Battalion  Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry during the later years of WW2,  1944-1945. 

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The Poachers - WW2 Resistance Reenactment


Covering, French Resistance (FFI), Dutch Resistance, Volkssturm, Brigade indépendente Alsace-Lorraine 

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69th field regiment display


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Dropzone D


Award winning representation of the 501 Pathfinders of the American 101st Airborne.

The display is set within the tiny hamlet of Angoville au Plain during the invasion of Normandy. The set includes all the specialised equipment used by this elite force during this battle, including signal lamps, navigation panels and a Mrk 1 Eureka beacon.

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4th Kompanie Groβdeutschland living history and reenactment group


Basing their impression around February 1945 when the elite Wacht-Battalion Berlin,  a ceremonial sub-unit of the elite Groβdeutschland formation, deployed  from its duties in Berlin to fight on the front around the Seelow  Heights to the east of the city. Here it became engaged in fierce  fighting defending the capital and its population from the Russian  onslaught seeking revenge.

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Northern WW2 Association


Established in 2005 the Northern World War 2 Association is an organisation that unites a variety of 1940’s living history & re-enactment groups. Each group portrays a different aspect of the second world war and by linking these individual groups into a single association our aim is to try to give visitors a feel for what it was like to live through, one of the largest and bloodiest conflicts in human history.

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Ethan Reuben History Boys


Ethan & Reuben specialise in displays covering; British infantry, British airborne, tropical, French resistance aiding the American Airborne.

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Feldjägerkorps 44


We are a re-enactment / Living history group based within the United Kingdom.
Formed in 2011 and based upon the German Military Police during WWII. We portray in particular a patrol within the Feldjägerkommando III.
With a extensive display availability, small or large .
We hold no political views or condone the activities of the German wartime government of 1933-45.

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Static line 101st


Static line 101st is a living history display, centred and dedicated to the men of the 101st airborne division who fought on June 6th 1944. We would be happy to attend public and private events to educate and recreate a static display of items from mannequins to equipment,weapons and other personal items used by the troopers of the 101st.

 We carry full public liability insurance and all our weapons are totally legal, inert replicas.

We do not charge for displays but instead ask for donations towards the veterans mental health charity ‘Combat Stress’.

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