2020 Calendar

Work on our 2020 calendar is underway!

2020 CALENDAR PICTURES. All images required by the end of June as we hope to have them on sale by September. Please read the full post!

We are asking for submission of images for consideration in next years calendar. Rules as follows, 1) only submit images either of your own or with photographers permission (please state if the images is not your own who the photographer is). 2) images only from the 2018/19 seasons please. 3) any images already used in the current 2019 calendar will not be accepted. 4) any submissions in the junior section will require parent/guardian permission if chosen. 5) submit your images on the love of the 40s Facebook page or via email to the website (both of these can be found on the home page of the website) and please let us know which category you are entering them into, no limit on the amount of images you can enter. 

This years categories are - 

Axis ~ re-enactors portraying any axis country, 

Iconic Figures ~ re-enactors on the circuit, 

Solider ~ re-enactors of both home-front and fighting, portraying any allied country,

Sailor ~ re-enactors of merchant and royal, portraying any allied country, 

Airmen ~ re-enactors portraying any allied country, 

D-day celebrations/Normandy Beach ~ from the 2019 celebrations,

Portraits ~ re-enactor portraits, 

Entertainers ~ entertainers on the 40s circuit, 

Junior re-enactors ~ under 16s re-enactors, 

Candid/fun ~ we are looking for quirky pictures of re-enactors having fun or things that have made you laugh on displays, 

Veterans ~ active WW2 veterans on the circuit, 

re-enactors social ~ we are looking for fun images of re-enactors at events socialising, these can be group images or action shots.

Pre  orders  will  be  available soon.