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Hello and welcome to 1940s Events and Social Space. Hopefully you will find the website helpful, fun and easy to use. 

From the navigation bar you will be able to access an exciting collection of pages; events, entertainers, facts and most of all shops.

This website works along side the Facebook page ~ 1940s Events and Social Space ~ where you can join with others that share the passion of the 40s, in conversations, votes and view pictures from events.

There is also an app for phones and tablets which can be downloaded by searching for '1940s events and social space' in the devices supporting store. This means that you can have everything you see here at the touch of an icon on your device.

The Website and App are maintained by Marie and Pete Bainbridge, both of us are on the circuit in many roles (social, traders, & displays). The Facebook also has Nadine Green, who is on the circuit in the same roles, helping to maintain a steady and happy ship.

We hope you enjoy your time with us here, and we hope to see you at events.

Marie xx

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